• Love your self

    Love your work

Your wholehearted work starts with the real you.

No more feeling like an imposter, or being held back by your inner critic that tells you you’re not good enough to be really you.

You want to be able to say this is what I’m great at without second guessing yourself every day.

And you know that when you do, you’ll be able to do more of what you love and love more of what you do.

You may have a job right now, something that you’re even proud to say you do.

But deep down you don’t feel great. You have a gut feeling that you’re not doing what you were really born to do.

My courses and coaching are designed to uncover your brilliance, tame your inner critic, and give you the courage to pursue a career you love, because your talents + self confidence = wholehearted work


In-person and online courses to shine the light on what you’re brilliant at and shape that into a career


One-on-one intensives dedicated to you to explore your zone of genius and get work results, fast.


Free resources to get you on your way to creating a much more wholehearted work life.

I’m Annie Romanos

I help motivated, savvy women, who deep down don’t feel good enough. They are well-functioning and may even be “successful”. But they know are capable of much more realness, greater work satisfaction and success in all that they do.

We work together to manage your inner critics and fears and play to your strengths, so you start bringing your full self to work, and work to your full self. Read more here

Praise for Wholehearted Work

Thank you Annie, your coaching has given me a much better understanding of the strengths I bring to my work and and a clearer sense of what motivates me. You have helped me realise that what I want from my career does not need to be dictated by others’ expectations. I now feel empowered and challenged to choose work that is the best fit for me, where I can be authentic and feel fulfilled.

Jen, Wellington, 2016

Working with Annie helped me to identify my strengths and understand how to harness them to step into work that works for me. Annie has a warm and inviting manner, but wasn’t afraid to ask the difficult questions to gently nudge me towards finding answers for myself. These sessions have given me the confidence to begin working on projects that have been in my head/heart for a long time, that until now have been relegated to the “too hard and too scary” box. Thank you Annie!

Lissa, Wellington, 2016

Annie has an energy and enthusiasm for what she does that is inspiring and catching. She isn’t scared to ask the tough questions, which enabled me to focus my thoughts and see the value in my strengths – something I have not always been good at doing! I left my sessions with Annie with a genuine sense of clarity and purpose about what I want to do next, which feels great. Thank you!

Rebecca, Wellington, 2016

I love the feeling of not being alone in the struggle with our inner self critic. Your workshop has helped me celebrate my strengths. I feel motivated, full of worth and positive.

Rowena, Wellington, 2015

Your workshop helped me examine what I really want to do … I now know the only thing stopping me has been my fears. You made it okay to share and be open, and although I was definitely in awe of your awesomeness, I didn’t feel intimidated by it, or that it wasn’t a level of awesomeness I could achieve in my own life.

Maria, Kapiti, 2015

I found Annie wonderfully enlightening and helpful and came to some lightbulb moment realisations that I probably wouldn’t have had without her

Janine, Kapiti, 2015

In the last few days since our session, I am able to honestly find and acknowledge what is working for me and what is not and where my heart, mind and soul is most happiest. Possibilities are now available to me

Coaching Client, Wellington, 2016

Around an hour of chatting with Annie and going over my Top 5 Strengths, I easily felt I could find the times when I felt most successful in my life… doors opened easily for me to speak and with most people I don’t feel that

Coaching Client, Kapiti, 2015

The workshop provided me with simple but highly effective processes that enabled me to see what was lying behind my self doubt and then … turn this knowledge in to a new and exciting reality

Jodi, Kapiti, 2015

Something fundamental I discovered on the course was that “I matter”… this should probably be written and bold and with exclamation marks all around it!! So thank you for opening our eyes to our potential and the fundamental importance that each of us matters and we all have something to offer the world

Alesha, Upper Hutt, 2015