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I treasure the coaching I had with Annie. She took me on a beautiful journey of self discovery that went deeper than I thought possible. I believe her greatest gift is the way she gently draws out your stories, shadows, and strengths and beautifully weaves them into a tapestry that enables you to see yourself more clearly and honestly. She may drop a few truth bombs, but if you are ready to do the work then that is where you will find the gold – and you will thank her for it.


Working with Annie for the past 6 months has been a defining factor and the game changer for my own personal growth which has reflected in my business. I have turned my passion into the most rewarding, phenomenal, authentic, EPIC business where everyday I get to do what I love, yet continue to pushed out side of my comfort zone.

EliseBusiness Owner & Trainer

Sometimes in life you get lucky and meet someone who sees all your infinite potential…the possibilities you dream of, but don’t dare to share. Annie Romanos is one of those people. She is worth sharing those dreams with. Or, if they aren’t apparent yet.. Annie will guide you, digging deep to reveal them to you, and encourage you to take action.

VanessaNatural Therapist

I loved working with Annie. She’s the badass straight-talking sister I never had. She listens intently, understands deeply, and does not sugar coat what she sees. Annie is one of the most perceptive people I’ve ever met.

KellyYoga Trainer & Entrepreneur

I now feel empowered and challenged to choose work that is the best fit for me. Where I can be fully authentic and fulfilled.

JenPublic Sector Advisor

I completed a coaching programme with Annie, and I can confidently say I am a changed person.

RachelVideographer & Composer

Working with Annie has been a transformative experience. I’ve got greater clarity and inspiration on a new career direction.

TraceyInternational Trade & Investment Consultant

Annie has an energy and enthusiasm for what she does that is inspiring and catching. She isn’t scared to ask the tough questions and this enabled me to focus my thoughts and see the value in my strengths. I now have a genuine sense of clarity and purpose about what I want to do next which feels great!

RebeccaJournalist & Communications Specialist

I highly recommend Annie as a coach. She is attentive, focused and very knowledgable in her field asking all of the right questions to help draw out the right understandings and conclusions.

AvrilWriter, Author, Entrepreneur

I wholeheartedly recommend working with Annie. She is a talented coach who listens carefully and makes amazing connections. She is intuitive and inspiring and offers practical guidance. Through coaching with Annie, I was able to seek the recognition I deserved at work and a long overdue payrise. Most importantly, I now recognise and value my own strengths and am confident about pursuing new opportunities.

FrancesWriter, Poet, Curator

My work with Annie has given me a new surge forward on my creative journey. She helped me identify and explore my strengths, posed questions, empowered me to stop hiding and enabled me to take action. I now have a renewed confidence in myself, my creative abilities and career path.

CharlotteWriter & Artist

I knew exactly the type of coach I was looking for, I just didn’t think i was going to get it. I’ve been criticized for my picky standards because I’m the kind of woman that likes to occupy the Hilton not a back packers. And that is what I got with Annie, The Hilton, with a built-in radar and super sonic hearing. If you want someone who knows what she is doing, how to help you identify what you need to do and genuinely knows how to connect with you, Annie is it!